Cheapo Car Parts

Me and old Fred go down ‘cos the battery is going down on my P.O.S. car. Well, it is what I got and I got to hang onto it for DEAR LIFE!  Fred’s helpful.  He ain’t too bad at all, and I really like Bambi, his wife.  Anways, for $17 bucks we get a used battery, powerful sucker, much more powerful than my old one.  Get some new terminals too. That is cheaper than a reconditioned, and you keep the 30 day warranty on it.  We  go down to that Pick N Pull.

Working on cars, is hard work.  I am a little old for it, and still have a while before it is official that I can lift over 15lbs.  But if you do a few things, you can often get lots of life out of an old car.  I like that Ford F150.

Old Fred humps the batteries for me ‘cos I can’t lift, not yet.  Well.. we get it in there, and boy it works GOOD.  No more push starting the car!  Man..what will they think of next?

The Pick N Pull has a website now, and it’s pretty good.  You can even look up where on the lot the carcass of the car you want to strip is.  This is a big improvement in Salvage Yards.

Old Fred and Bambi are good to know.  I am reciprocal with them, and it is good to have reliable people around.  Many people are unreliable around here, or downright dangerous. MOST of the girls are dangerous, if not all of them.  I got stung really good the past couple months.  Do not deal with drunk, dope headed people, no matter how charming they are.  They are like vampires that are not to be let in the door.

To a poor man, every dollar counts. Old Fred and I think alike.  He used his old Compaq PIII to download coupons and stuff.  I dunno what other people around here use theirs for.   Some are lame, and can’t figure ’em out.  I am the only one that uses Linux, which is my operating system of choice- by far.  On these 1.6GHZ machines it is quite snappy.  Even on the old HP Pavilion 7960 ( a DOG of a machine),  Puppy Lucid Linux is excellent for these machines.

Boy you NEVER cheat a poor man.  Around here, you can get killed for it.  Around here, you could get killed for just about anything.


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