The Few People on the “News”

There’s Ted Nugent, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Charlie Sheen, Miley Ray Cyrus, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Mel Gibson, Sarah Palin, Kelsey Grammer, Lindsey Lohan,  Paris Hilton, Billy Ray Cyrus,  Newt Gingrich,  and a few others.

Why- these are the ONLY people in the “news”.   Every day I am regaled by what they think, what happened to them, and people’s opinions of them.

They are busy this week trying to lay the tar and feathers to Charlie Sheen.  *Groannn*.  What, they found a machete in his house.. oh dear Lord!  Everybody is after Mr. Sheen.  The news media.  The paparazzis, his ex wives,  the cops, and probably the CIA and KGB.  Pretty soon, Mr. Gaddafi is going to announce that he is investigating Mr. Sheen.

Meanwhile, the nobody people get run over, sick, murdered, have accidents and calamity all day long.   The “news” is more like this three ringed circus o’ gossips than the “news”.  To a poor man, having a water pump blow, a head gasket blow, is big, big trouble.  Not to mention getting sick.  In Amerika- man YOU JUST DON’T GET SICK.    Ya work till ya drop.  I guess that’s why our “Zardoz” life expectancy.. what does the government tell us?  75?  67?  SheeeEET.. BULL SHIT.

People die around here when they are 40, 50.  One family I know was wiped out.  The daughter died at 42.  The son died at 50.

We are expected to give our LIVES for this fuckin’ fairy tale.  So the press can be free to clue me in every time Jennifer Aniston gets a hair cut.  Makes my chest just swell with joy.  Or that wonderful Scott Walker.  Why I can’t wait to fall on my sword to protect his corn fed ass.


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