People that Walk for Miles

Chrissy comes in.. she walked from the abandoned house, clear down to downtown for her court appointment.  Old Broke Hip Chris I sometimes call her, from where she got her hip broke in a car wreck.  There are many “Bionic” people in Northeast.  People who had terrific injuries, and are walking around, staggering around homeless and begging.

Beggars, that’s what they are, really.  Many of the prostitute girls are more like beggars.  Some, are dangerous, and will rip you off. Dave the trucker across the hall had a knife put to his throat by a couple of girls.. but he got out of it, got outta the car.. then a cop showed up unexpectedly.

Hustlers are out at night like zombies.  Slinging crack, but often, just baking soda that they will rip people off for.  It is scary.  I sit and watch ’em with my little cam setup.  Boy that cheap cam works GOOD.  I have it set up with a $15,  22″ TVee I got.  Works good!  It ain’t “License plate” quality, however.

Kissy Chris comes in after her long walk, soaked from the rain.  Poor Chrissy.  I let her take a shower, reflecting on my RV days.  It is HARD to find a place to take a shower!  There is the “shower house”.. there is the City Union mission, which is a dump.  Filthy and scary.  I used to shower down at our fuel stop ‘cos I fueled the city tractor there all the time.. how wonderful a shower is.  I try to get her to stay, and get comfortable, but she splits.  Eh well. I am cooking up some pinto beans.. from this recipe, Nana Nena’s Famous Frijoles.

“Tough Love” yeah right, it’s called “Hypocritical love” or “I don’t give a shit” love.  You want love?  Get yourself a dog or a cat.

I hated the time I spent in the military.  For what?  Back then it was “kill the commies”.   We was poor, that is why we were in there.   I do not think the wealthy are particularly “hard working”.  If you call cunning “work” then I guess they are hard working.  Oh well, the world is, what it is.  After that surgery, man I would not to do injury to ANYONE else.  Nope.  I wish people well, or try to keep radiating peace.  The wealthy sure are good at wealth, I will say that for ’em.

Chrissy, her feet are sore from walking in those tennis shoes.  The woman, will walk for miles and miles.  Sometimes, a kind soul will give them a few bucks, but sometimes, not.

The politicians make crazy noise.  That’s all it is.. this crazy noise.  They are as crazy as a alcoholic on the corner, talking to himself.  Let’s have a Light rail!  Yeah right. let’s have a war with SOMEBODY this year!  What about those sneaky Canucks?  Time to clean ’em out…and teach them about goodness and mercy.

I don’t like Bill Clinton ‘cos of NAFTA.  I don’t like the republicans ‘cos they are a bunch of merciless creeps.

Oh well.  Whatever political party.. man.. it’s called SURVIVING’.  That is what I am thinkin’ about.  Survival.


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