Coffee, a cigarette, and to Stay Warm

Man.. the simple things are the best.  What goes together the best?  Coffee, a cigarette, and a crap, along with maybe a magzine.   Coffee with half and half.  The simple things we take for granted.

Another one of my favs is to keep breathin’.  It’s great stuff.

The simplest things are just the best ones.  I had fancy cars.  I like the SIMPLEST vehicle I can find, and not necessarily new, either.  A Ford F150, 1986 was a great year, with the straight six.

To be warm, and clean, with soft blankets.  To have some oranges to eat, and coffee, oh yes, with half and half creamer, man that’s the ONLY way to drink it.  I like my own coffee the best, made in a cheap coffee machine.  I’ve gotten some really good coffee machines at Salvation Army.  Just bought Fred and Bambi one, for $3.50 that thing had a water filter on it, digital, the whole deal.

To be warm inside your place, while the rain comes down.  I like this old apartment building.  We are not the rich ones, but when you get good, honest people in the building, there is safety in numbers.  We’ve had our problems, but this landlord boots druggies, wife beaters, etc, very quickly.

Some areas of town, you can have your house shot up in a drive by, and no one will even call the cops.


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