Union ALL the Way

I never had a union job.  Sure wish I would’ve had one though.  I can’t believe that any working person would not want a union.

My brother worked union, and raised two kids with insurance that was so good, he told the dentist..”do you think you could waive the deductible?”  The dentist smiled and said,  “sure”.

I worked 20 years for scab companies.  Never had no kids, man couldn’t afford ’em,  plus I was working 70 hours a week.  I would stay gone for months at a time to try to get some money together.   The trucking industry has a turnover rate of 200%, and some companies were 700%.  Right now I have to fight the company I worked for over my hernia, which was where I surely hurt myself..since I had my ASS GLUED to the seat of the tractor just to make a paycheck.

Most people are simple, they don’t even take the time to figure out the hoops they must go through in this world.  They are too busy working to read the fine print.  And WHAT fine print it is!

America is a bunch of pussy, suck motherfuckers who won’t stand up for themselves.  They’ll believe anything the flag wavin’ TVeee politicos cram down their throat.  To defend WHAT?… To protect who?  Oh working at the Wally Mart.. it’s a great job..and I gotta job.. so wave that flag.. *sniffle*.

That is what I think of my countrymen.  A bunch o’ wooses who say to the rich people: “oh yes, fuck me in the ass even more!  Want me to die for ya? Who SHO’!!”  You can have all that ceremony, foam and goo.  I want hard currency.

The Bush Tax cuts.. if they let them expire would have added $680 billion to the budget.  No one’s even mentioning that.. it’s Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.. then LET ‘EM GO PLAY ARMY.  I done had my fill, and they didn’t pay us shit either.

Used to read the New York times, but not after that last editorial.  Don’t read the Washington Post, nor the Wall Street Journal either.. it’s like I am psychic, and know exactly what they have to say anyways.  The sacrifices “we” must make. Translation- we’re gonna fuck the poor people even more than we are now.

If it hadn’t been for the Union, my nephews and nieces wouldn’t be alive today.  Amerika is about our “families” yeah right.  It’s about George Bush’s family.

The “Famous” people are the people who the New York Times, CNN, ABC, and FAUX News SAY are famous.  The important people are the people that the Above mentioned organizations SAY are important.

The Washington Post has a genius like Ted Nugent to write for them.. who wrote such gems as “Wang dang sweet poontang”.  Wowie za wow wow wow.  Another conservative genius.  Boy I am just hangin on his every word.


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