The Bum’s Rush

Everyone, but EVERYONE you meet in Northeast, or you ask for the slightest service, such as “what time is it”,   WILL TRY TO HIT YOU UP FOR MONEY. Maybe I am bipolar.  My mood swings from “oh you poor thing” to “get the FUCK outta here.”  Another thing is, if you feed the animals, they will come back for more.

It’s mostly people who have screwed themselves that are homeless…as in.. “DO NOT TAKE FUCKIN’ DRUGS.”  DON’T TAKE THEM.  or…. Don’t get drunk all the time.  As soon as they get out of the jail, or the prison, I mean the FIRST DAY they get out.. they start the same old thing.

Many people escape.  I go to get my Isuzu fixed, and the mechanic is talking to a woman and says..”..after all drugs I took, I go to prison for driving on a expired license.”

It is awful.  I can only imagine what it is like inside the abandoned houses.  The commodes filled with feces.. and god knows who for your companions.

In this “luxury” apartment building, where there’s hot water and flushing toilets, we got to hang on.  Many people are on the bum right in this building.  Old Bambi gives great service, but Fred has to be watched a little bit.  He’s a bit like Mr. Haney on “Green Acres”.  I thought him and #3 were  gonna go at it over that old couch.   After I had tried living in that old R.V., eh this place is like the Hilton.  It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t save that much money.  So much for “off the grid” living.  It is more difficult than you might imagine.

There are many sites around the net for people that full time in their RV’s.   These things need power, and water.  It’s a substantial investment for batteries, and a generator that does not make so much racket that it keeps you awake.  It is not as good as a apartment.  A place to park it is another problem.  People want to run you off.  The water is another problem, and a BIG problem is dumping your waste, flushing your tank.  I had a really old RV.  Didn’t pay but $1500 for it.

It is a pity the predicament that many people are in.  Most people have little, or no gratitude.  Many of the homeless are thieves, or worse.  Hustlers.  I guess they enjoy it.  Hustling is far harder work than many jobs.   Despite the economy, it’s the same old ones that are out there.  Maybe it is their hopelessness, that is what I think it is.  Their state of mind..that kind of depression.  They are in a endless loop of counseling, meetings, and programs that do not seem to do too much good.

It’s like spam for these chicks around here.  You are being targeted.  Qualified. Evaluated.  They fight among themselves too, ripping off one another’s cell phones, and whatever they can get.  People are like an energy drain, and I am starting to feel as calloused as I did when I was in the Navy, and visited Olongapo City.  Olongapo City is the U.S. Navy’s whorehouse, or at least was in was in there.  You’d just get calloused at the street beggars and other characters.

What child in the world says to himself “I want to be homeless when I grow up!”.  I do not know WHAT drives the wheels of the world exactly.  It’s hard to say.  There is a cartoon like quality to the world.  Even the wisest sages often appear silly.  Stupid.    CNN is having a special ‘cos Jennifer Anniston got a hair cut.  I mean- who gives a shit?  It’s always the same old ones on the “news”.  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Oprah Winfrey.  Billy Ray Cyrus and now Miley Cyrus.  Let’s not forget Sarah Palin *groann*.   Lindsay Lohan?  There’s a five or six of them walking up and down the street right now.  I give them the bum’s rush too with a mouse click.  Only a handful of people are on the “news” every time I bring up Google “news”.   I DID however, order a Billy Ray Cyrus wig.


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