Mini Cam 6 LED CCTV Cam

I just bought another one of these for my house. This is a wired cam, and it is a great little cam, manually focusable, and it works great.  Haven’t tried it in complete darkness.  With only 6 LED’s it would be good for only a few feet, but it’s got a great quality picture for the price, $10.95.  His claim that his product is superior to others on the market that look the same, is true.  This is a great quality item.  He’s great to deal with.  Just bought a second one.

With the car under a street lamp at night, about 100′ away, the picture quality is really good.  For $10, that is.  It’s not bad at all.  I got it trained on my car out there.  People would get into my cars and sleep in them, and once, I found a crack pipe in the car.  I cannot believe people so poor would blow their money on stuff like this.

The guy who sells these is sds-miami.  He’s a U.S. seller, and this camera is a good bang for a buck.  As I look at the ebay description, it says the range is 30′ on it, and I believe that with only 6 LED’s.  The picture is good for the price, and the size is very small, about the size of a matchbook.

It’s a good investment, so I can watch the car, and to see who’s outside, to see if I want to answer the front door or not.  If it’s not one of the street girls, it’s some other hassle. Bambi’s niece’s child (whatever that relation is) just got shot in the head somewhere in the 50’s blocks.  She got shot when there was a drive by at her sister’s house,  involving some high school boys that were feuding.  She survived, she is all right, but frightened. It’s appalling that people can be such shits.

I am big on electronic equipment, now that it has got down so cheap.  I buy lots of chinese stuff directly from Asia, and from U.S. sellers when I can, because it is faster.

The audio I do not have hooked up, but in a CCTV system it might be very important.  A voiceprint is unique.  Most CCTV’s are blurry, and perpetrators are wearing hoodies or other clothing to conceal themselves.

The USA is just going to SHIT.. and it ain’t Obama’s fault.  Indeed, the way that Rush Limbaugh and other republican geniuses are trying to put it on him, says VOLUMES about this country.  I didn’t like Bill Clinton, but I did not detest him as much as Ronald Reagan, nor Bush.

The American people themselves are a bunch of.. well whatever we are.  I did that military time, got out.. but man.. people are kind of a disappointment.  Only a few people on this earth are really about anything, at least in my book.  Just a handful, every century or so.

Update: The power supply blew on the cheapo computer that I was using for this cam.  So, I hooked up a big old, CHEAP TV I got from Fred, a analog one..but it’s got a BIG screen.  Dont have a DVR hooked in, but it works great..and it has audio.  The audio works on this cheapo $10 cam.. and picture quality with the street lamps is good.

It rained like crazy, so I just put a cardboard box like a hood on it, and it kept on working.  You can get good service from a cheapy, sometimes.


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