The Vampires at Night

It seems to be getting worse around here. I go down to the store in my beat up car.  At the notorious Fast Stop (Independence, Avenue and Indiana Street) a girl is out there with that black eye.  You’ll see the street girls with black eyes and worse- all of the time.  I pass her, and I see Cindy, one of Dez’s girls.  She’s running to fat now.  They both try to flag me down, Cindy waving and waving, but I don’t pull over.

These girls have these sharks around them.. predators that will rip them off.  So they will get “protectors” to protect them.  Then the protectors rip them off.  Many of the girls are thieves, rather than hookers.  It is like crabs in a barrel.  Boy there is no saving them!  I’ve tried that.  If you let them in, there is no telling what they will do.  Some of them will do a little housework,  usually it isn’t very good quality.  A few, I have spent time pleasantly with, but flat out- a poor girl costs a lot of money, especially one with a drug habit.

Once they are busted,  the descent into hell starts. Few, if ANY make it out.  Their families desert them.   When they get out of jail or one of the programs, they generally are in the same old haunts, the same old deal.  If they do not go back into, it seems to come and find them!  They cannot get the basic “fire triangle of survival”.. a place to stay, transportation, and a phone.  They will come to the attention of the police again and again.

They need EVERYTHING..but they are kind of like, con artists.  They have clothes stashed in people’s houses all over the ‘hood.  Many of them are ill.  Kissy Chris has lupus.  Many of them are ragged and dirty, and have had the same clothes on for days.  I’ve had them remove their shoes, and just appalled at the smell from their feet.  They have medical conditions, which go untreated because no one will help them.  It’s just the general degradation of the American people.

The pimps are not dressed up driving a cadillac, with a plumed hat.  These dudes are dressed up in shabby, plain street clothes with hoodies on.  They are out there, walking around the street with the girls.  Kissy Chris’ pimp for example, was out on the street on Indiana by the Super Pollo when the cops got out of the cruiser to get her.  Her pimp just melted back into the alley and took off.

It is difficult to befriend them really, because they have other ‘obligations’ out there.  That dope obligation is always number one.  No telling WHAT they are tied into.  So they will rip ya off, or worse.  I used to think I could find a nice companionship with them, but really, they are all about business, even the poorest one.  Humans are different, also.  They often forget what you do for them.  My advice- invest in a dog or cat, if you want companionship.

They are also often ‘holding’. They will LIE to you about this.  Boy EVERYBODY lies about it.  With these girls roaming around, and socializing, it seems like people know about every nook and cranny of these apartment buildings, and who has what resource in them.  It’s a little scary, really.  I’ve let many a girl get a shower, get cleaned up,  gave them clean clothes,  tended to their wounds.   BUT.. it is gettin’ dangerous around here.  I have this elevated level of paranoia, which is different from my usual paranoia.   Meanwhile, I have problems of my own as my belly surgery heals.

Since most all of them are convicted felons, they kind of- don’t care.  They are in a this sort of depression attitude.. this “fuck it” attitude, so they don’t even try.  They are cut off from most social programs, thanks to Bill Clinton.  Oh GOD what are people thinking of?

I am lucky, I have the V.A. programs when I get injured or sick, but I tell you.  I am not this “proud veteran”.  Proud of what?  I think America is just as sick as any banana republic, no sicker.  People are arrogant and self destructive.   I think people have not progressed too much over the years, while technology has.  People enjoy violence and degradation more than sex, more than anything.  People love their little, shit hole of darkness and resentment.

Oh well.. maybe it is my own perspective as I observe these wretches.  There are plenty of more normal people around.  At least they appear normal.  The postman, the grocery man, and the guy workin’ at the gas station.  Many workplaces have conflict, even violence in them, and kind of “dickhead” people.  Some are good.  I love the local job I had, those were the sweetest people,  then I worked at a OTR company with real “dickheads” there.  Real slave minded who didn’t care about highway safety, expected you to work while you were injured.  I have NEVER worked at a union company, though.  Not by choice, but by.. chance.

This is not “normal” America. It is just this ‘hood, in Kansas City.  For whatever reason, this is kind of the “Tijuana” of Kansas City.  I think, when my hernia heals up, I might look for a OTR job again, if I can qualify for it still.  I might not be able to lift again.  When you are OTR..just going from town to town, you do not see the workings of the town.  It’s just from warehouse to warehouse.  It gets old.  It’s dangerous, and boring at the same time.  It is hard work, but at least you will stay out of the shit.  Contrary to popular to belief, there are few “lot lizards” in the truckstops.  Only a very few spots.  It is a boring job,  you get sick of it.

I do not know WHAT angle to take on these wayward women.  Most of them are not “girls” but 40 and 50 and over.  They are a bunch of crooks, but they are also very sad. However, this is how the vampire gets in the door.  They know how to push your every button.

In this smorgasbord of vice, man, I’d rather have a decent hamburger.  Soft covers, and clean clothes, they are nice too.


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