The Cops in the Inner City

“I donts talk to no PO-lice”:- Bambi. It isn’t that they are hated.. it’s just that they don’t do shit.  Bambi: “Them cops don’t care, they don’t do shit.”.  That is pretty much the case.  Despite all the laws..and there are CD roms full of them, there are many people that could be described as career criminals around here.  Especially with prostitution and drugs.  It’s not like people are not trying to help.  There are quite a few agencies, but the girls always go back.  It is the girls that seem to drive the drug trade around here.

After living around here for about 8 years, I am not particularly sympathetic to them, either.  At least these girls around here.  If they cannot wangle what they want from you via charm, they will do so by subterfuge or theft.   They DO get caught, once in a while.  But for the things they are caught for, there is quite a bit of undocumented activity.  Drugs, prostitution, procurement, pimping.

They truly are, like another government, another entire economy in the city.  You do not see it, but it is right in front of you every day around here.

We have one fellow who beats the tar out of his ho’.  The cops do LITTLE to get rid of them, and they have been called and called.  The landlord cannot even evict.  So the burden is on YOU.. if you are victimized.

The cops act remarkably sane for the most part.  Their job would drive me nuts.  Drugs flow freely.  It’s like these people pretending, that a game of pretense is not going on.  The only sure way to stay safe is just to not have anything to do with ANYONE around here, at least not personally.  Ya can’t have any friends.

It SUCKS to live here. I think America SUCKS.. it really, truly, REALLY sucks.

It’s not only here though, on the street.  There is much deceit and subterfuge in workplaces.  The burden of proof is always upon the victim, it seems like.. ALWAYS.

There are many people in this area who are convicted felons.  Unfortunately, they almost universally go back into the same activities they were doing before.  After about 8 years around here.. I am pretty calloused to it.  These people have many, many chances to straighten up, but they go back to the same habits.

America is like this ORGY of egotism, vanity and selfishness.  I think our politicos only want to be elected so they can satisfy their vanity.  They don’t give a shit about the American people. Or, they are crazy.  They are all saying they love this country, how much they love it.  That’s a sign that they are unbalanced, right there.  Because if they could see what people do to one another, well.. perhaps they wouldn’t be so proud.

If the politicians could see what THEY do to the American people, I do not think they would be so proud either.

ANYWAYS…  there’s a bigger chance of a run-in with the cops if you have a parking ticket, or expired tags, than if you actually DONE something…like ripped someone off or murdered them.  The cops don’t care what people do to one another.  The politicians certainly don’t either.

WHO the HELL.. CARES about us?  Who cares about us?


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  1. Dave,
    Love your writing. Let me know if there is a way to contact you. Love to discuss your writing and experiences. Terrific stuff!
    Eric Adler, senior reporter, The Kansas City Star


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