The Poor Ain’t “Connected”

The poor get screwed all the time because they are lost in the “Internet Revolution”. Nope they don’t know how to use Twitter.  No they don’t know how to use Facebook (and who would want to? It’s for Lamers, like AOL was).  Everyone expects documentation, documents, documents for just about everything.  Old Bambi can’t hardly figure out here cell phone.. and man.. it takes me a while to do it too!

Well what about THESE people?  They get ripped off every single day.  Some have computers, but fewer really know how to use them.

Technology is still primitive, and I mean RIGHT in THIS city.  There are people without hot water.. or people with NO water..AND..they are all over the place.

This dump is like the Taj Mahal to poor Bambi and Fred… hell to ME it is like the Taj Mahal.  There are people all over the USA, the truck drivers, that LIVE in their trucks.  There are just WORLDS that even people in the “know” do not realize are there.

Meanwhile.. to get ANYTHING.. Food Stamps,  heat assistance, poor people have to jump through hoops.  People’s I.D. gets stolen all the time- especially the hookers.  I guess it’s ‘cos of the pimps or dope dealers that control them.  Dunno.  None of ’em ever have I.D.

At any rate, without I.D. you are screwed.  Without documents you are screwed.  Everyone is SO afraid.. some one is going to get some food that is not authorized, legitimized, sanitized, and sanctified.

There’s a lot of people I wouldn’t “sanctify” myself.  For example, Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck.  Wouldn’t give ’em the time of day, much less fight a war for ’em.

Strangely, old Bush I sometimes like.  After 9-11 man, what COULD he do?  But the republicans ain’t got a CLUE as to this ‘hood.. as to what is happening to people.

Here.. it is a fight to stay warm and clean.. to have your rent paid.. to avoid crime…to keep your car running…what food is cheap.. how to cook food… Most of my internet time is spent researching stuff like “how to make pancakes” .. how long food will keep.. what are the side effects of OxyCodone…which I am taking now for my hernia.. what is a ventral hernia.. etc.

Now my sister is in Truman East, because of this bile duct stuff.. something about the duct between pancreas and liver..gets stuck and it’s extremely painful.  Well.. her veins collapsed, and they are gonna put a catheter to her heart she is crying on the phone, but she’s running out of minutes on the phone.  Old Bush would NEVER get a clue as to what life is like for people that aren’t.. well… they aren’t Bush.   It’s so cold my Isuzu won’t start.. don’t think I will make it to the V.A. to get the staples out or whatever it is that they plan.  But at least I am warm and safe and clean.  MANY people do not have that around here.  It is bitterly cold.  So cold that your hands start to get numb as soon as you get them out of your pockets.

Bush reminds me of my old boss.  A insensitive prick, and there are so many of them in this world.


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