Always 9-1-1 in the Ghetto

Yep.. it’s always 9-1-1. Bambi comes up and do my dishes.  My sister in the hospital.  They cut Bambi’s phone off.  I give Bambi a can o’ cream of mushroom soup.  Her and Fred scarfed up the apple pie I gave her.  I am all knocked out from those OxyCodones.. whew.. them things are like opium or something.

Bambi she’s great.   These old people are so grateful just to have heat, just to have a roof over their head, with protection.. they are incredibly kind!  She make my bed up for me, and tells me more stories.  What about?  These thugs in the neighborhood.

It  ain’t too bad though.  It ain’t too good.  At least Bambi ain’t living in an abandoned house no more.  They got heat and light.  My stomach seems to be getting better, and better where they did the hernia surgery.

Me and Bambi go down St. John to Fast Stop, ‘cos I need her to carry stuff for me.  There’s a ambulance down there..someone got stabbed in front of one of the buildings just past Hardesty.  Yep.  TYPICAL.  Typically horrible.  We get some pop and I give big Dave a 2 liter so he’ll dig my car outta the snow.  Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.  But what the heck, I never give him nothin.

In these apartment buildings, there is SAFETY in NUMBERS.. if you get halfway decent people.  No dopers, and no boozers.

The cops seem to have cleaned out a lot of the local hustlers.  Maybe they split- good riddance. The other Fast Stop, the one down near Indiana, is where they hung out. Now none of the hustlers are out there like usual.  Yay!   Indiana street was one of the favorite corners for prostitutes and small time dope slingers, and a slew of other types hangin’ down there, whanged out of their minds on dope and cheap rotgut.

Old Bambi and Fred seem more what America is about,  not George Bush and Condoleeza Rice, and the rest of ’em.. stuffing their corn fed asses in a Super Bowl Box that we couldn’t dream of affording.  If I had that kinda money, I’d buy a old Ford F150 anyways.  But hey, I am non partisan.  Bill Clinton and the rest SUCK just as much as the republicans do.  They are all about flashing lights and snake oil.

Bambi fights like a tiger to stay qualified. Eh they FUCK with the POOR constantly!  The woman can’t really work..not as tore up as she is…she’s always forgetting to re qualify for food stamps…’s so complicated, she loses out, and gets ripped off off all the time. 

I wish Sarah Palin would come and get a taste of it!  Just a small taste.  Instead fools are buying up the crap she puts out like it is going out of style!   This country is in REAL trouble.. (zoom to a picture of Sarah Palin).   It’s in trouble all right.


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