Ramen Noodles

Ramen is a much maligned, but tasty treat. Just picked up a bunch of the Maruchan Cup o’ noodles type at the Sav A Lot for . 39 cents each, and I must say they are a tasty treat.   I add a little powdered bullion to mine.. the ‘Maggi’ brand I get from a mexican store.  I find many uses for this powdered bullion.

I don’t like the very cheapest kind, the kind that come in large packs.  I like the kind that have a few vegetables and bits of meat in them.  I  just found a web page with a even better way to make these kind- buy some frozen vegetables and add them as needed.  I am on the way to get some corn and peas for mine!  You can add an egg also..I like a little bullion in mine, though it is unhealthy as hell.  So is a extra value meal at a fast food joint.


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