Milkshake without a Blender

Duh.. I can’t find a blender at the thrifty store, and I do not wanna pay $30 for a new one. So I looked up on Google.. “milkshake without a blender”.  Sheesh.. it’s easy!  Just mix it together with a spoon, and a shot of your favorite syrup if desired!  The milk melts the ice cream (I used cheapo Sav A Lot ‘World’s Fair’ chocolate)… a couple shots of cheap chocolate syrup.  I really like the consistency better than say, a McDonald’s shake.  I do not whip the shake up thoroughly, but leave the ice cream sort of half mixed up, to the consistency I desire.  It’s good that way!  Hmm.. it sure is cheaper than a shake at McDonald’s..and you could add your own cherry, whipped cream, etc to it.

I’m a cheap date, what can I say?


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