The Gyrations of Government

The government seems to be a monster created out of the addled constituency’s imagination.  Sort of a WWF government. Like a bull, in a china closet.  That’s what the republicans remind of- these looney toons.   I like Ralph Nader myself.  I like a pro-citizen government, not a capitalist government.  A democracy.

But then, I suppose, it could be worse, when compared to the gyrations of the governments of this world down through history.  I could have wound up under Stalin’s government, or Hitler’s, or Kim Il Jung’s.

It’s not too bad, it’s not too good.  Better than the Great Depression, which was all my grandparents ever talked about.  Dunno if they had unemployment back then.  They just had a soup line, I think. When the veterans came home from World War I, they didn’t get squat.  They didn’t even get a ride home!  The V.A. hospital DOES treat it’s veterans nice.  I am grateful for that.

Do I want life to be like “the good old days”?  HELL NO.

I think I am just going to stop reading and watching the news entirely, for my own peace of mind, and concentrate on MY- news.



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