ORT Hydration

ORT hydration is something I discovered while I was observing the Poverty.com interesting web page.  Dunno how I got there.   More people starve to death than die in the wars they are always fighting.  Many people around here live like.. third world lives.

I have extreme diarrhea from SOMETHING..and my ventral hernia and stomach hurts all the time.  I am due for surgery at the V.A… but still.. I dunno why I get this .. gastroentitis or whatever it is.  That thing HURTS boy… it keeps me groaning and lying in bed.   My stomach growls..and it just growls ALL of the time.. I am fearful and uneasy.  My body is not absorbing the water.. a few glasses of water and it’s off to the toilet again, because my gut will not absorb it.  So from that page, after looking up diarrhea on Web MD.. I found this therapy which has saved many lives in the third world.

It is basically, a little salt (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon).. 4 teaspoon sugar,  to a glass of water.  Cheap.  Far cheaper than a sports drink!  What happens is that the salt carries the water into your cells.. replacing the water you lost.  It’s called ORT.. and was invented between the 60’s and 70’s.

Basically, WATER.. SUGAR..and a little SALT.. and that’s it!  It’s saved countless small, vulnerable children in the world.

I was going to make some pickle juice water,  but found some Coconut drink at the mexican store to replace electrolyte. You can look this up on “How to make your own flavored water”.


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