Chicken Marsala

I decided to make Chicken Marsala.  Chicken breast is always on sale,  chicken is the cheapest meat in the U.S.A.   So I went and found a video on this page, about Chicken Marsala, and also searched to study how it is made.  It is EASY to make.. the “Chicken Marsala” is really just a name for a sauce.  Actually the sauce is really easy, it’s just Marsala wine.

Sound expensive and exotic? Nah, it isn’t.  A little bit more expensive than BBQ chicken, that’s all.

I had to look around a bit for the Marsala Wine.  Couldn’t find it at Aldi’s nor Price Chopper.  It was probably THERE..but in the cooking section.  Found it at inner city liquor store, and was surprised, ‘cos the Inner City liquor stores all carry just junk.. beer,  vodka, and stuff.  Their customers are just looking for a high, not cooking wine.  But anyways, Speedy Liquors had it.  Yeap.

Marsala wine is by far the best to do this with. When cooked as a sauce, it has a sort of candy taste to it.. it does not taste or smell like liquor when you cook it the chicken in it.  The taste is hard to describe.  It’s sweet, but not SUPER sweet like Sweet N Sour sauce.  It’s not like Hoisen sauce.  It is sweet, but classy, and really compliments the chicken well.  I thought the wine, and the butter that I cooked the chicken and mushrooms with, just fine.. with no additional ingredient.  There are lots of variations on this recipe, of course.  Mine turned out good, first time!

You will see the video.  It is EASY and pretty cheap, depending on what brand Marsala wine you get.  Mine was pretty cheap stuff, but still it was very good.   You saute the chicken breasts and brown them, then put a cup of this wine and some mushrooms in, and some butter. I also put in garlic flakes,  seasoned with salt and pepper.  I used generous amounts of butter.. plain white button mushrooms sauteed them when I added the wine.  The sauce is GOOD.. I added extra Marsala, about 1.5 cups..with three chicken breasts.

Cost about $5.50 or so,  for three big chicken breasts.. and the sauce is really good, it’s sweet, but it tastes like nothing else.  Next time I will inject the breasts with marsala wine.   Far better than the old.. “throw some bbq sauce on ’em” routine that I usually use.

Next time, I am gonna cut the breasts up into a few pieces.  It’s that sauce that makes it good.  It’s cheap, and pretty darned easy.


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