My Heroes

My heroes.. are  great writers. I like James Allen.  I like,  Marianne Williamson, who is a lecturer.  I like Wallace Wattles.  I like Eckhart Tolle.  I love philosophy first, but there are many great minds in this world.  I like Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I like the Upanishads, and philosophy from India.

I like great writers, because they made SOMETHING.. out of nothing.   They created, using just what was between their ears.  Stephen King.  James Lee Burke, who is on my very top list of great writers.  There’s  James Clavell.   There’s  Patricia Cornwell, not so much as she is a great writer, but she certainly knows how to write a intriguing book.  Her novels about Kay Scarpetta are fine entertainment.  I like Tami Hoag.  Her books are  crime potboilers such as “Deeper than the Dead”,   are very good.  I like James Elroy, who wrote “L.A. Confidential”.

Before a movie, TV show, or play can be made, there has to be a story.  It seems much harder than I thought to just.. “make up” a great story.  I’ll be adding to this list, this article for anyone who ever decides to tune in to “Mr. Nobody”.

I like Tom Brady, the patriots quarterback.  I like Jeff Bridges.  I’ve never seen him make a bad movie.   People have amazing qualities of courage, coolness, and perserverance that I certainly wished I possessed.  People with great imaginations.  Stephen King’s twist on things never fails to amaze me.  James Lee Burke’s books are like history novels of Louisiana, incredibly detailed so that the detective novels are vivid, and real.  They’re also quite a social commentary.  He’s one of my great heroes.

Kissy Chris devours novels, even as she lives out this kind of.. wretched novel.  She is very MUCH like one of the characters in James Lee Burke’s novels.

James Lee Burke’s depiction of New Orleans, and the crime scene there, is so vivid, it really reminds me of life around here.  His depiction of how the wheels turn in the world of men is excellent..  He is masterful in his descriptive language, and he throws in so much history it has me scrambling to the Web to look things up.  There it is.  The Red Hat gang in Angola State prison.  His books are interesting, and prodigious.  Very detailed.

Right now, the NFL playoffs are here, and there are many players that I like.  I like Tim Tebow.  Sheer.. FORCE .. sheer determination and faith keep that kid going.  I’ll bet he is going to be good, no matter what people say.  I like Tom Brady.  He has that enthusiasm and faith, and reminds me a little of Tim Tebow. That kid’s an inspiration.

I see things like these in people all around me.  People that persevere.. in the face of tremendous obstacles.  People around me try so hard, they try so hard to right themselves.

I like to make slide shows, and play them with my favorite meditation music,  with my favorite quotes, and photos of the things I like.  I listen to many, many lecturers.


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