The Politicians get a Taste It

Poor Ms. Giffords. The politicians get a small taste of the evil of the U.S.A. I would call this place UGLY, that is my take on it.  People act like they are SURPRISED, like it’s surprising or something, when someone goes off of the deep end.

The news and people’s opinions are about form, and not content.  Ms. Gifford had tragedy befall her, no doubt.  The guy shouldn’t have done that to her- no doubt.  But the world is a tragic place.  About 25,000 people per day die of hunger, according to  People around here are very cruel to one another, and often do horrible things to one another.

There are people in the world like  Shauntay Henderson. Suspected to be involved in 50 shootings, caught for one murder, and suspected of five other murders, she is out after 3 years.  People in this country are can be just AWFUL  There are many people that use physical force to intimidate others.  Ms. Henderson’s wonderful activities were not far away from me, but right in this area.

There are many pressures, at least, in the people around me.  My poor aunt has stage IV cancer.  There are many street people in this area, many prostitutes, and people that supply them and feed off of them.  Some of them, well their lives are as depicted in the era of Jack the Ripper.. the poor people of London.  Some of them are THAT poor.   People rent out rooms in their houses.  Often people stay in abandoned houses around here.

For many people, the U.S.A. is like a horror movie. Shootings? These happen around here all the time, and the suburbs also have their- conflicts.  Stabbing is extremely popular, with scissors, box cutter knives, or whatever is handy. The suburbs,  well people weren’t too nice when I lived out there.  Nope.

My theory is: people are a bunch of selfish creeps, that’s my take on it.  The evil thought lies dormant, until the right situation, then it springs forth, and reveals it’s gathered power. You never know what is going to happen.

People do one another dirt all the time. The trucking industry, which I worked in for 20 years was extremely dirty, with numerous scams designed to cheat the workers out of pay.  It isn’t just politics or the TVee either.  Americans are some of the nastiest people on earth. I stopped carrying a CB radio in my truck many years ago, because of the way the drivers cursed one another.  Just as vicious as the politicos, no, even worse.

About six months ago, one of the ladies in the neighboring building had her child shot down on 10th and Paseo.  I guess her solace is well, it “is what it is”.

People in the inner city live with horror every single day, and no one gives a shit. So do countless others.  As in- wondering how you are gonna keep your heat turned on, and get some food in your mouth.  Plenty o’ wackos around. Most drug dealers are republicans.  Why prostitution, drug dealing, etc.. it’s all “free enterprise”.

The Republicans, who are just a lobby for the wealthy, and not a political party at ALL..are concerned about the budget. The solution: tax the poor even MORE..and keep the tax breaks for the wealthy. That is- the wealthy pay NO tax whatsoever.

When something happens to one of the politicians, one of their colleagues, they are beatin’ on the drum and act like they are SURPRISED.. .like it is something that is surprising.

It is called EVIL. Well, O.K. So why all the “patriotism” rhetoric?  Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest are doing their best impression of Eddy Haskell.  While on the road I got so sick of “Faux News” on the truckstop TVees that I would not even eat in the restaurants. I did that military time, but patriotic?  I just don’t feel that in my breast.  To defend this bunch o’ nut jobs?  To defend what?  To protect WHO?  I might have died in the military for democracy, but I wouldn’t do so for capitalism.

Giffords experience was terrible, but stuff like that, and even worse, happens all the time. I see no outrage by the press. There are many crooks around here.  Wanted for various stuff, drugs, robbery, etc.. but with the sort of selfishness that pervades human life, human society, it is difficult to sort people out, to trying to figure out, who is the WORST.  That’s the only question.

There’s hubris in workplaces.  People are rude and snide.  Americans have been described as the most obnoxious, rude people on earth.  I’ve seen fistfights in workplaces, lord it seems like I’ve seen everything.  I’ve seen bosses punch employees.  They gossip.  There are sly liars, that like to instigate.

All these politicians see, in the “reality” of their life, are the lives of the people that buy plates in their fund raisers.

There surely are, more frogs in this world, than there are princes.  Poor Mrs. Giffords. She seemed like a good woman.. and that poor child that got caught up in it.  I am mad at the politicians.. but .. well, that is awful.  There are so many people that are nutso or borderline around here.  Physical violence is quite common, almost an everyday event, in the United States.

So get a taste of it. The experience of Mr. and Mrs. “Nobody”.    At least the judicial system will make an effort to punish the crimes.  Many murders ’round here,  they never find the guy, and when they do, it’s a tossup as to what will happen to him.  From what I’ve seen around here- if they got the money, they can, and do, beat the rap.


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