My Name is Nobody

The Few, the Poor, the Marines. It’ snowing outside to beat the band. Freezin’ cold  Ugg. My 87 Isuzu is overheating, and the fuckin’ 86 Honda won’t start. Got it up on Craigslist…and the lowballers, scammers, and tire kickers are comin’ out of the woodwork.  One of the first offers I got was a guy that wanted to give me a money order, then send someone to pickup the car.  These are 100% scams.

Old Fred comes up moaning ‘cos Bambi forgot to file her food stamps again and they are starving. People are like CRABS in a barrel around here. A quarrel upstairs, but no one was actually gonna get hurt, so I didn’t call the cops this time.

A few weeks ago that one fella upstairs just beat the crap out of this one gal, blood all over the place. It was a TYPICAL NIGHT.

The local bad girls are around, knocking on doors, looking for drugs, looking to turn dates for money, so they can buy whatever they want. These girls have kids all over the place. Excommunicated from the family, the kids are being raised by relatives.

I read the sad news about that crazy kid down in Arizona. Stuff like that, it happens here all the time. People are crazy.  I heard about 5 gunshots in a row last night.  People around here don’t even call the cops when it happens, not usually.  It was off somewhere to the Northeast of here.  I bury myself deeper under the covers.  Unfortunately, these things, are not the craziest things that happen in America.  It’s always crazy here, really.

My name is NOBODY.  Who would ever read this blog? It’s about these starving, struggling people around here.   These people have just- given up mostly.   It’s the diary of Mr. ‘Whats his face”.. son of Mr. “Whats His Name” and Mrs. “Anonymous”.

The people I know are all Mr. and Mrs..”Nobodies”.. Ms. “Nobody”.. and their kids, Billy Nobody, and Sarah Nobody.

I get the ISUZU going.  Cleaned off the battery terminals with baking soda paste made out of water and a little alcohol. Worked good.. and by jove it started.  The Honda’s hood latch is frozen.. eh well.  I got plenty of supplies in, and I am just gonna stay inside.  So happy to be warm and safe, and it is so cold out there.


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