6 IR Leds Mini Security Color spy Camera with Audio

I got one of these little cams for $10 from a seller on ebay,  sds-miami.   These are small, about as big as a matchbook, and have AUDIO and NIGHT VISION functions.  The lens you focus manually.  You have to twist the little lens back and forth to focus it, in other words.  It really works good though, really focuses in nice and clear.

Well…that little pup worked GOOD!  I am surprised at the quality.  From 8′ you can read the brand name on my monitor, for instance.  Pretty crisp picture for a small, cheap cam.  This is a wired cam, you have to run wires out to it..but I am impressed.

The 6 LED’s also give out a surprising amount of IR light.  You can see what’s there, out to about 10′ it is surprisingly good.  The colors are not vivid, but the image is very crisp and clear.  I haven’t completely tested it yet..but it’s a thumbs up.. for $11 shipped, my kind o’ price!

Me, and some other residents of this building are nervous about the crime problem in this ‘hood.  It is the 25th most dangerous neighborhood in the USA.


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