Thug Watch

Last night there was a altercation across the street. This was about 2:AM and rumor has it this morning that someone got stabbed in the apartments across the street. You will notice my interest in security devices, boy you could need them around here! A guy came running down the street, with a very young woman after him yelling and screaming, then a few minutes later the cops cam and the ambulances.

A bunch of shouting and screaming across the street. *Groann*. That is what it is like, living in Northeast. People are a sort of, law unto themselves. The street girls are out there, many of them known robbers and thieves. Their specialty is being “homeless” or flat out prostituting, then ripping the victim off.

Many people carry knives, especially those popular box cutter knives. Whoever said that prostitution was victimless? Many of these girls have STD’s, and other diseases, and don’t even know it. Many of them are thieves. Many of them are whanged out on their drug of choice.  Drugs do strange things to people.  They think themselves superior to others.  They also look down their nose at one another.  Crack?  The kewl drug of the kewl people is meth…etc..etc.. *groann*.

We got the lock fixed on the front door, and after one day,  the very first day we put it on ther, someone just smashed it in.

Many of the buildings are far worse.. just trashed out when the owners decided to be absentee and let the buildings take care of themselves.  They got taken care of, all right.

Then there’s the drunks, who look down on the dopers, but are often the most dangerous of all.  Who knows why they were fighting?  I do not know how a drunkard can hold down ANY sort of job, but people do it.  I lock the doors and bolt the windows down at night, with my cars outside in plain view.


One thought on “Thug Watch

  1. Well if life is bad were you are then move out of it.. tell the hookers to stop crossing the street were everyone gets hit.. move to the country were you are safe….. only thing to be worried about is hitting a woodland creature if your not paying attention..
    Great blog tho …good job brother ..


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