Cheap DVRs Reviewed 808, MD80, DV D005

Techmoan does a a nice review, and comparison of the DV005 Mini Cam. Slightly larger than the MD80, it’s supposed to be better, and may very well may be. Techmoan used a AEE MD80 (the original), which is quite a expensive camera. He also compares both of them to the KeyChain Cam.

Here is the Review. He still likes the KeyChain cam the best. I have these, but they break easily. Techmoan does good reviews. There are other reviews of this cam on YouTube. I found the Mini DV D005 on ebay for about $16 shipped.  The DV D005 also has a “audio only” function, as well as a still image function, and also goes into “voice activation” mode.  The battery is larger than the MD80 and the KeyChain cam.  It’s also a very good webcam, at least Techmoan thinks so.

All of these are virtually the same price.  Many of the MD80s on ebay are copies of the original.  The original is too pricey to be considered, in my opinion.  Also the MD80s that  I have tested (two) have video that blurs during activity.. the colors are great, but blurry.  The KeyChain cam takes better video than the MD80.

The TF SD cards, the micro SD’s will get stuck in the slot on the MD80’s also.  I’ve had this happen.  This will also happen on the KeyChain cam, but all you do is twist the body a bit, and it will pop out.  The Keychain cam is very poorly constructed, but the price is cheap..  People routinely take them apart and mod them.  This may seem a bit negative, but for the price..who cares about the glitches?  The keychain cam especially, has a horde of enthusiasts.

One note about these cheap cams: they are often bad when they get here.  Either non functional, or they crap out right away.  My keychain cams were that way.  I have one last a long time.  The MD80’s often arrive bad.  The battery life on the one that does work, is nowhere near the clamed life.. it’s only a matter of a 20 minutes or less. Many people report these same results.

The Mini DV D005 is virtually the same quality as the MD80, but has a larger battery.  It is a pity that some inventor does not come out with a Micro DVR.. that uses the DVR portion of these sport cams, and lets the user choose his own cam, at a cheap price, of course.   The standalone DVRs are still pricey, the cheapest one being about $88, and you have to fit it with a hard drive.  We need them around here, lemme tell ya.

The Video from all of these cams is there to see on YouTube and other sites.  Most of them are videos that people take while driving their car or motorcycle.  There is a special cam for this, the D011, that is in the same price range as the others.  As a matter of fact, the D011, is only $20 or so.  This is only a few dollars more than these other cams, and it offers more features, but the package is less compact..   Techmoan does a nice review of it, gives it a thumbs up.

The D011 will record as it is charging, which is a big plus.  It will also record incrementally, and in a loop.  The D011 will record over the first video increment if the SD card gets too full.  It looks like one of those small, stubby flashlights, and has a removable lens hood just like a real flashlight.  You could use it for a spy cam if you had to.  It also features Sound activated recording, at the 60DB level, just like the others do.  This camera has a metal alloy body, and Techmoan notes that it seems sturdy, and well made.  It’s dimensions are quite small, about 3.5″ X 1.5″.

The D011 (also called the D573)  cam could be useful for many things.  I can’t wait to get mine and try it out.

There used to be a price difference, a big one, but not anymore.  All of these cams can be had for about the same price.


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