Thank GOD for the Churches

Angela comes rolling down Benton Blvd in her wheel chair. She’s still hobbling around, had the cast off, but her ankle was broken badly when that creep hit her.  She is real.. God Squadder, and loves to schmooze in the church.  She goes to the AA meetings and all that.  It’s sort of this forced guilt she lives in.. “oh.. I am so Ggggguiltyyy”.

Anyways.. she had stayed in line at the church to get a frozen turkey, but her momma gave her another one.. so I get a big Christmas turkey!  I am thawing it out now.. but the point is.. THANK GOD for the CHURCHES!

Well, if people want to call GOD Allah, Yaweh, or GOD..or whatever.. whatever the reason people do it.. THANK GOD for these helping organizations.  IF it weren’t for them.. this place would be an awful mess.  Angela had the cast off and her ankle sure is a mess of scar tissue from that surgery.  The fuckin’ creep just split after he smacked her.

It is like every day.. we experience the up and down of the world.. the good.. and the bad.

People drop through the crack of American social agencies all the time.  Food stamps are TOUGH to get.. they are really heartless dicks about it.


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