What’s the Best Restaurant? Your Kitchen at Home

Home cooking is usually the best. If ya can’t cook, you can go to allrecipes.com and lots of other places, including the forums, and learn how.

A cooking secret- ya don’t need all that fancy stuff.  Tonight, for example, I got a $1 bottle of spaghetti sauce from the $1 section at Apple Mart.  I like the “Fire Roasted Garlic”.  Most spaghetti sauce at restaurants is too sweet.  Take Subway, for example.  The meatball sauce is too sweet.

I got some frozen, stuffed shells at Aldi’s for $1.99.  These were the “Priano” brand.  Came in Manicotti, and Shell styles, stuffed with Ricotta cheese and some sort of herbs.  I only used half of them, which puts it at $1.  Two big shells apiece to go with the spaghetti.  Then some hamburger, some pasta.. 1 teaspoon sugar for the Spaghetti sauce.  I like a little sweet, but not TOO sweet.

I kept that sauce away from Sherri K!  She like to throw in haberneros, curry powder..”the more the spices, the more ‘gourmet’ it is.”  WRONG.  I don’t even put mushrooms in mine.  Just drives up the cost.  Most spaghetti sauces, even the $1 ones have lots of spice already in it.

I ate with that locust Sherri K.  My lord that chick can pack it away.  I keep her AWAY from my stove top..’cos she likes to throw everything but the kitchen sink in everything we cook.   *groann*.   I couldn’t stop her in time when she sprinkled the pasta with olive oil and italian mixed spices.  Actually, that tasted pretty good.

Them  shells from Aldi’s were actually GOOD.  I just nuked ’em, plain, for about 6 minutes which was contrary to the directions.  They complicated the spaghetti well.  So that was $1 sauce, $1 shells, $.60 pasta, $2.29 hamburger (for an Aldi Roll of frozen Hamburger).  So about $5 and change for dinner..coke from a 2 liter.. couple slices o’ bread..and that was scrumptious.

We split it and there was a LOT of spaghetti.  She wolfed her half like a starvin’ coyote.  I was  astonished.  Half of mine is in the fridge for later on this week.


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