Survival o’ the Poor

I go down and pick up Angela in South K.C. She had  her leg broken badly when she got hit by a car.  This is quite common around here.  It is UNCOMMON for people to stop after they hit someone, in this section of town.  This happens all the time in these neighborhoods.  Her legs have pins and plates in them.

She’s still in a wheel chair and crutches.  Sherri, another local gal had the same thing happen, at the same place, the crosswalk in front of the Steam Bowl on Independence Avenue..down by Van Brunt.  She got hit pretty bad, but was all right.. the car stopped, but fled when they saw her get up.  The S.O.B’s.

Meanwhile it is FREEZING fuckin’ cold out there.  Blustery wind.. I bring it on home after taking Angela to the mexican place in Westport.  Eh she’s kind of a pain in the ass.   All of these girls have the most abstracted mind..the most abstract sense of reality.  God is going to help them, no matter if they booze it up, drug it up, treat people rudely,  rip other people off.   The most striking thing about Americans is their hubris.  They squabble, gossip, etc.

Also, people are so.. overconfident.  Like we are not in a world where we can be NOTHING in ONE SECOND.  Me, I will not even let anyone play the radio in my car while driving.  My most fearful horror story is when cars collide.  It is also miraculous the relatively low amount of auto accidents that happen.  People have cell phones.. radios blaring.. everything.  Driving around, as if they were safe.

When two or more cars hit, that is one of the most frightening things I can think of, even more scary than a horror movie. There is plenty of HORROR around here.

A woman approaches me and I check her out as I get out into the freezing cold, thanking god my old car started today.  She has like 3 pairs of clothes on, and asks me if I am looking for a good time.  There is nothing “sexy” about these chicks around here.. it is SURVIVAL.. to get into someplace warm.

Fred, a old guy down the hall, has his face swollen up from a bad tooth.  I fix him a tea tree oil rinse with salt water..dunno how it turned out.  

Update: Old Freddy comes up (to bum a cigarette).  I inquire about the tea tree oil.  Yeap.  Took a while..but he sez it feels great.  His cheek was swoll up enough that I could notice it.  He still ain’t gone back to the dental college though.  That stuff works pretty good.


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