The Disconnected ONes

Google Chrome gonna be  the death of the hard drive? Hardly.  No one down here uses computers, or knows how to use them.  The others I know that have them are running Windows machines fulla malware.

Few people in my life, and around here, know how to use a computer, not really.  They have texting phones, and gadgets..but few are aware of the dangers of using Windows, for instance.  When I visit them, their computers are chock full of malware, crapware, spyware, and stupid programs that were never worth downloading and installing.

Faux “News” assumes we’re all walking around with Androids and Blackberries and stuff.  YEAH RIGHT.  People are always after me to use my cheapo, pay as you go cell phone.

What planet do these..”news” people live on?  Certainly not mine.

Does technology reduce ignorance?  I would have to say NO.  Just look at the last election.  This will show the astuteness of the american people.


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