Only the Dead..have seen an end to War

“Only the dead have seen and end to war”- Plato.  I see that the wealthy have kept their tax priviliges.  In my life, it’s people’s selfishness that I will always remember.  If there is not an out and out war, then there is crime.  There is also that hubris among people.  The U.S. Congress is a great example of hubris.

It’s “Santa Claus” for the wealthy..and “the Grinch” for the poor.  So merry fuckin’ XMAS.

It’s here among the poor.  At the church where they feed people a meal there was a ruckus a couple of weeks ago. Everyone stops eating to watch these fellows bloody one another up.  The poor always seem gleeful at the prospect of vendetta.

People would rather fight, than just about ANYTHING.  Except maybe watch someone ELSE fight.

Who is the WORST.. that is the only question.  It is a miracle that there is any peace at all.


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