Make Your OWN Movies

I was going on and getting movies.. yep.  An endless stream of movies.. stories..descriptions.  Well.. why not make your OWN movie?

You can get slide show programs, and fill them with photos of your favorite stuff.  Then, select a nice song for the background.  I like Dr. Jeff Thompson’s meditation tapes.  Take a paint program, and make slides of your favorite quotes, sayings, or whatever.. and then.. make a slide show!

I put my photos on there.. and dream about what life could be like.  I love the quotes of the sages.

I am forted up, like a hibernating bear.  I love these meditation tapes.  No one else likes ’em, but I do.  There’s Jeff Thompson.. Steve Roach,  Steve Halpen, and a host of them.  I love the spiritualist writers also.. like Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and many others.

I am sick of the “news” anyways, and I am even getting sick of Google “news”.  Every time I go on the “news” it’s the same old people who are making the “news”.


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