Using A Digital Picture Frame as a Media Player

If  you have a digital picture frame, you might be in luck. I was.  I want one of these electric blankets, but am reluctant to shell out the $40-60 for the newer one that I want.

Hmm.  My digital photo frame has  AVI out,  video and audio out, as well as a USB host.

SOME of my video files- AVI, DIVX and XVID would play.  Others- would not play, or would have a blurry output.  At first, I thought it was the SD cards.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Was it the dimension of the video?  Was because they were XVID or DIVX?

Then.. I clicked the “Properties” in Linux.. then the “Audio Video”.  I noticed that ALL of the ones that would not play were encoded with MPEG Version 5.  I tested this out.. and by golly I was right!  It has to be one of the MPEG Version 4 or below for it to work on the digital video player.

It’s not as good as one of the media readers, but it will have to suffice until I have the extra cash to buy one of ’em.

You can shop around and sometimes get these digital photo players really cheap.  Or even, use a GPS unit, if you have one of the newer kind that have A/V out jacks!   I only paid $12 for my Digital Picture Frame from Ebay.  (Used and not from a “Power” Seller.)  Keep looking until you find a used one.

So if your Digital Picture Frame will not play your AVI files.. check them to see what Version of MPEG they were encoded with.  I finally found the manual online for mine, and it only plays MPEG 1 and MPEG 4.

There are a few drawbacks to the digital picture frame.

  • Will only play TWO types of video file.. MPEG1, and MPEG2
  • You cannot fast forward or rewind..if gotta start movie over.
  • Bulky..with lots of wires hanging out of it.

The general verdict is that these DO work..but one of the Media players is a better deal.  The old ones cost about $24.  I want the new kind, ‘cos they will play the FLV videos with no conversion.  Hulu,  FearNet, YouTube, etc.  These are FLV video (FLASH video).


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