When Will other People Suit you? Never

That’s my take on it. You will rarely find other people that completely suit you.  You got to keep your thoughts and business to youreslf.  Eh.. I shouldn’t even write this blog.

The Internet seems to only accelerate the envy, greed, pride, etc of others.  People want to stamp their image upon others, but that is not the way we work.  People have different energies.

It is hard to accept them though, it is often hard to accept other people.  People are EASY to insult.  The guy that you loaned $20 to yesterday might kill you in a argument over which end of an egg to break.  I prefer a dog, or a cat.  People make decisions based upon the silliest of notions.

Keep your faith in God, because that is who loves you.  Then, get a dog.


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