Stream Transport YouTube and Hulu Ripper

This weekend I looked all over the place for software that I could use to save my favorite videos from YouTube,, and Hulu. I finally found a free one that will at least do the videos.

It’s called Stream Transport and it works pretty good, although the downloads take a long time, sometimes it stalls, but it is FREE.  The FireFox download helper won’t work with these sites.  Stream Transport- it’s pretty good.

There are other, commercial rippers, such as RipTiger, but they are pricey, from $35 to $39.  Too much for my budget.

Stream Transport is free, but boy it looks promising.  I am downloading video from one o’ my favorite sites right now. It is a daunting task for these rippers.  There are so many different formats.  I can get Stream Transport to come up with Wine in Linux, but the problem is the nagging demand for Flash 10.  So far, I haven’t figured out how to get Flash 10 configured in Linux.  Tried installing it on all the browsers I use, yep.  Stream Transport keeps asking for it though, and I ain’t figured it out yet.

It handles more file formats than Miro.  I wish I could get it to work with Linux.  I want to write as I download, and my fav programs are all Linux ones.

I am downloading full length movies.. it takes about 1 hr 30 min to do them.  I dunno if RipTiger is faster, but I can’t afford RipTiger.  It works good though.  You have to go to the forums and figure out how to use it, ‘cos it’s new software, but I’ve only used it 1 day and am happily downloading monster movies.

Soon I will couple it with a HDD media WHEEEee! It is just great stuff.

I love  The horror stories remind me of REAL life.  The streets are cold and dark around here.  The cops have cleaned out the lurking prostitutes, along with the pimps and hangers on.  The prostitutes live lives of denial.  “Oh he isn’t my pimp”.. “I have been clean for a week”.  They live god awful lives.  It is one thing to read text on the net or watch a movie.  It is another thing to be in the same room with another person, and experience thier pain.

There seems to be so MUCH pain in the modern world.  Gadgets and toys have seemed to just amplify things, not make them better.  They bring great pleasure, but they also amplify pain.  People seem so discontented.  Perhaps if life were simple, such as the aborigine’s lifestyle, maybe they would be more content.

I want to write a novel, but the real life horror story around here, and with other people, fills my head.  It is awful, just awful.


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