HDD USB Media Players

Media players. These will play files from SD cards, USB sticks, or Hard drives on your TV, and now, players are coming out with a VGA connector too!  The next step will be ones that have a TV tuner on them.  Very small and compact.

They are also coming down in price to about $40, $24 for the old ones. The formats are improving so they will play FLV files (the format used on many online video sites).  So.. you can carry your favorite YouTube instructional video along with you.  Great stuff.. great invention.

What’s the difference between the $24 and the $40 ones?  The $40 support 1080 resolution, and they play LOTS more file formats, such as FLV.  This is the big kicker to me.  BUT.. you can also convert FLV to AVI and use your Digital Picture Frame as a Media player.  It’s not as slick, but if you already have a frame like I do, well.. it’s cheaper.

On my computer the conversion takes a long time… 1.5 hours to convert a FLV movie to AVI.. my computer is a old 1.4GHZ Sempron.

Some of these even have VGA connectors to them.. man.. it’s a great idea.  Gotta get one for me for Christmas YEAH!


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