Opera and Linux Mint

Linux IS hard to use to update things.. update software. Well it is not “hard” but it is not as easy as Windows is.  I just updated the Opera Web browser to 10.63.  It wsn’t too bad.. there was a installer on the Opera web page for it.  However, updating and adding Linux programs is not always easy.  There are many versions of Linux, and now that there are so many types of Linux, it is a little complicated to install and update.

Mint uses the “debian” version of Linux, so you get the “deb” packages.

Opera is my favorite browser, but it is flawed, and will not work with many goverment web sites.  It also blows up quite a bit on video and flash sites.  It seems to blow up for almost no reason.  But STILL..I like it.  I love the “View” tool at the bottom right corner.  You can adjust the text on web pages to your liking.  It has many slick functions.. “mouse gesture browsing” for one.  It is slicker and sleeker than the other browsers.

The NEW IE explorer is very nice, but it is not fully ported to Linux, not quite.



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