Everybody Lies

That’s my take on it. The World Wide Web and internet were supposed to empower people…but it’s the same old bunch of crooks.  Actually, it seems to be getting worse.  The newspapers and news services are like these propaganda sheets, with whoever has the most money claiming the prize of “truth”.

Everybody from “Dancing With the Stars” to insurance companies beating the poor people outta their money.  EVERYBODY Lies.  I do not like ANY of the “news’ services.   I hate the fake concern of the newscasters..it’s so phoney, so rehearsed.

I don’t even like Google anymore.  Every time I bring up the “News” there’s that bimbo Sarah Palin on there.  There is my “Google News” which is whatever Google selects for me to see.

Then there’s the “celebrities” that I am supposed to go bananas over.  It’s “Lady Gaga”.. no its.. whats her name..Ann Colter.. EEeeeyuk!   Taylor Swift.. too skinny…eeeyuk.   American Idol- boring.  I like the Gong show better.  Then “Dancing With the Stars”.  Every time one of the girls comes over I am forced to dial into that crap.  I tell ’em “NO.. sorry..my Tvee is broken.”  or “Can’t get Channel 9, eh too bad (heheh)”

The same old people are always in the “news”.  There’s Sarah Palin…there’s Mel Gibson..Oprah Winfrey.  It’s as if the world constisted of only a handful of people.

Where are all the OTHER people?  The cooks, bus drivers, bakers, truck drivers, bartenders, etc?  Where are they?


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