The Church

At the Church across the street, they serve a meal on mondays. Without these handouts from the church, God only knows what would happen.  I am outlining a novel using some software called “Ywriter”..very good software for free.  I am sitting, idly typing at a scene, when I hear the helicopters overhead, and police cars and sirens across the street. I still don’t know what that was, but there was quite a ruckus.  More stuff happens around here, and faster, than one of Joseph Wambaugh’s novels such as “Hollywood Crows”.  It is like this continuous little drama in these apartments.  People treat one another like crap in this country.

Thank GOD for the PEOPLE of MERCY in this country.  THANK GOD for them. There are some real assholes.. but thank GOD for the activities of the church, the V.A. the nurses the doctors.   If it weren’t for these people..there would be many, many people dead.  There would be much more crime.

This is why I don’t like Sara Palin nor ANY of ’em.. .they do not realize the lives that are being led in the inner city… or they don’t care.


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