Puppy Linux 5.0

I also used Puppy Linux.. both the old 2.3 and the 5.0. There is not that much difference.  It’s even better than Damn Small Linux. It’s great.  It might be even considered for a replacement for my Linux Mint.  It was running on a old Thunderbird 550MHZ computer that is my “backup” my “$20” computer.

Runs great..loads FAST.  Loads darn near as fast as Damn Small Linux, and they BOTH load faster than the Linux Mint that I have as a permanent insatllation, with it’s own partitions and everything.

Like Damn Small Linux, it runs in minimal ram.  It runs very fast in a machine with only 500MB ram.

It’s only 128MB on the CD.. it is amazing how much stuff they’ve packed on there.  It’s fully functional..with paint and drawing programs right out of the box.  It’s very easy to add GIMP and your other favorite programs. GIMP I use almost constantly, making stencils for my T shirts.

There are a lot of packages already built to add programs to Puppy.  It seems easier than Linux Mint.  I do not like the interface.. it’s really “toy” like.  But very functional.  Functionality is better than Linux Mint.. better than any of them.  It’s a 5 star.. one of the highest rated Live Distributions.


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