Damn Small Linux

Just downloaded and burned off DAMN SMALL LINUX 4.4. Boy it’s great. Old Fred downstair is struggling with Windows 98 and AT&T DSL on his Compaq PIII computer. My problem was that I blew the power supply on my main computer, but thanks to a $20 investment earlier on a old junk computer, I am up and running with DAMN SMALL Linux.

I also got Puppy Linux, which is great, I like them both! Why go back to Windows? Uggg.

Anyways, I show old Fredski how. He is nursing a hernia just like me.. him and his wife living off of social security.. yeap. That’s the name of the game in the 23rd most dangerous community in the United States.

Tall Deb hits me up, she is dying basically. Her liver totally failed, and she is all over me with the “god bless you’s” for just giving her some chicken, for pete’s sake. Gonna get her some rice and bannanas.

Anyways.. Linux is just the ticket for the po’ people. I am making some stenciled linux T shirts now, and making a crock pot roast… and hanging on.. and surviving!


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