The Amazing Chinese Keychain Cam

There is a growing cult of modelers, modders, and hobbiests, that are using, modifying, and tearing apart these cheap little cams.  They’ve even broken it down into who, makes what version of these cameras.  There are guys making Wide Angle lenses for them for $3.  There people who tear them apart and change the focus of the lens.

A poor man’s camcorder for cheap.

On This site... you will find a lot of great info on these cams. This is the finest site that I know of for information on these little cameras, and there is a LOT of it.  He even gets into the MD80 and the “GumCams”.

These cams are often very poorly constructed.  They are NOT “user friendly”.  There are no fancy frills to them.  They are either on, or off.  The chips are from a variety of manufacturers, and most sellers cannot tell the difference between versions of them.  They all look the same.  The documentation is EXTREMELY poor, or non existent.  On the site mentioned above, you will find out lots of things about your camera.  The price sure is right!

BUT.. there is quite a cult of people who want to figure them out!  They use them as helmet cams, spy cams, audio recorders and all sort o things.

It’s like this cult of guys who love messing with these little cameras.  The price has gone down to about $12.80 now for them, and you have to add a TF card (a MICRO SD card).

Note the forum and the resources listed, places where you can buy the different versions of this cam.  Ebay Seller “Keyhere” has a lot of great stuff, and sells the #3 version of the cam, considered by many to be the best.  He also has really great deals on other gadgets such as Car backup monitors for under $20.  Amazing.

Check the link in this article for a ton of information about these cameras.



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