While My Potatoes Boil

I finally get my food stamps..  I had applied July 5th for them.  Yeap.  If anyone thinks that they just give them out like candy, well boy mine did not come that way.  I had to practically show the serial number of every dollar bill that I had.  I went to the V.A. and everything else after my emergency room visit so they could examine my hernia above my navel.. a ventral hernia that was causing me pain and getting hard.

It’s like I have a hard boiled egg above my navel.  When I lay down, it retracts back into my body cavity, sometimes painfully.

Anyways..the food stamps were hard to get.  The workers slow and losing my applications.  Sheesh.  If you think they are EASY to get you better think again.  They check your bank account and everything.  Why we wouldn’t want people to get any food no would we?

The WELFARE in this country is being sopped up by George Bush and his ilk.  All the government stands for is a tool for them, and their agenda.  I was once in it’s military arm.  Never had to kill or hurt on one, thank GOD for that.  Then the WELFARE of the ZERO’s and other people who make their living off of war.  Pompous officers from West Point we had to salute and suck ass on.

WE got a rack packed like sardines in the ship,  the ZEROS.. (officers) got a berth with cabin boys and everything else.

PROUD of military service?  HARDLY.

To protect WHAT?  Many people, as in, the people around here, live like shit.  Bush is buying up millions of acres down in Paraguay, to make sure they got a place to go if the shit hits the fan.

They got no worries.  The American people are stupid as sheep, no stupider.  All they got to do is hire Faux News with Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Miller, and other jerk offs to wave the flag and author new “clever” slogans.  Hell they aren’t even clever.

Yeap.  USN 1975-1979.  To defend WHAT.. and protect WHO?  Whatever it is that I am supposed to be so proud of, I guess.

Meanwhile.. I find a used Sanyo Rice cooker..I am gonna buy me a 10 or even 20lb bag o’ rice to make.  I am making “crock pot spuds” now.. with some roast beef in yet another crock pot.. on sale.. gonna be yummy..and the last months been like hell.

I think this rice cooker will pay for itself.  Yep.  You can get HUGE bags of Jasmine rice down at the Chinese grocer..it’s got to be cheaper than the Instant rice I use.  Wish I could find some basmati..it’s expensive but I love it.

That $2.99 FIFTEEN pound bag o’ spuds that was on sale sure paid for itself.  I love these crockpot mashed potatoes.. here’s the basic deal with them.

  • Cut up spuds..no need to peel..red or yukons are the best.
  • Heat up big pot of boiling water..with some chicken bullion in it, and some salt.
  • Boil up the spuds
  • Drain, saving liquid.
  • Throw in Crock pot on low.
  • Throw in some sour cream.
  • Throw in some cream cheese.
  • Mash them up, adding salt, pepper, butter to your taste.
  • USE the LIQUID from the BOIL pot to soften the potatoes to your liking..
  • I use both milk and the boil liquid.
  • Cook on low..for not very long at all..the potatoes are done..just cream them up in the crock pot.

I sure don’t blame Obama for it.  Not at all.  Obama does not go FAR ENOUGH..and I like Ralph Nader better.


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