Form, not Content

It is funny the people we see all the time. A idiot like Sara Palin, and of course the excreble “Faux News”. The people who did the most for the world are generally unsung. Norman Borlaug saved more people than ANY politician, and did more good with his life than many people in our long and ugly history.

Meanwhile Faux “News” is a example of America’s “Values” for the world to see. God help us, I am praying, just praying to God to save us.

My father’s greatest fear was that Bush would become president, and now, like a Vampire, he is raised his ugly head again.

Ted Nugent another idiot who makes millions from his bullshit ego. I wouldn’t give the man the time of day, much less listen to anything he has to say. But there he is, on the Washington Post!

Never saw a article on CNN by Jonas Salk. Never saw a interview with Norman Borlaug, or the countless people who did something that really mattered in this world.

Norman Borlaug credited with saving billions of lives, no one ever heard of him..but he’s getting more famous.

I’d rather have a autograph from my grocery checkout lady than from Sarah Palin.  I mean, she is likable.  She’s a likable person, but limited in experience.  We are all limited by our own experiences and mindset.

I also like Mr. Obama, very much, and will support him with my vote, come hell, or high water.

The military is a good “survival” move, with the V.A. and all..but as far as supporting Palin or Bush VS ANYONe in this world, I would be extremely reluctant. They make me ashamed. I am ashamed of what we defended.


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