Laid Up and Broke

I ruptured myself big time at my last job.. and have to have surgery.  *Groan*.  It’s hard times in this neighborhood for sure. Applying for all the benefits..boy the MONEY is running out.  I have to have surgery soon..and don’t know what the fuck to do.  I  go to the V.A. Medical center.. I hope it will work out.  I actually had two hernias.  One high on my belly, above my navel, and it started to really hurt when I ate, and made noise all the time.  The other, is located down on my groin.   Doctors had been telling me to get them fixed.  But hey,  when I am working, there is no time for the doctor, when I am off, there is no money for the doctor.

At least there are SOME benefits in the USA.  But people are uncertain.  At least I am not in .. Nairobi.  But my neighbors are from Nairobi!  They are out there getting drunk as I type.  Many immigrants have this country cased out well before they come- but not me! It’s been a nightmare of finding out which agency goes where.. does what..and what to do, as I contemplate my upcoming surgery.

It was a fight to get my food stamps..then I started hollering at the food stamp lady.  “What do I have to do- be eating dirt before I can get some food?”  She naturally gets all pissed off, and ditches my application.

I go to the V.A. hospital.  It’s pretty good, that is the ONE reason I am glad that I was in the military.  But patriotic?  Hardly. America is a great place, if you are in a certain position.  But for a average guy like me, it’s more like a horror story.

The downtown (read that ghetto) DFS had my food stamp case badly screwed up.  They lost my application, and blamed missed appointments on me.  I finally just went to a DFS in the suburbs.. had the correct documents, and WHAM.  I got what I was qualified for.

If you think there is a free lunch here, think again.  Many of the programs to help out in a emergency are “out of funds”.  Some people get them, some don’t.  It’s been like pulling hen’s teeth.   The energy assistance- out of funds.  The churches and charities- out of funds.

If you know how to “work it” I guess you can get free stuff, but me, I just spent up my 401k.  The agencies are bureaucratic and uncaring.  Especially these downtown places.  They regularly “lose” your paperwork in the shuffle.  They are busy, but NOT that BUSY.  There are no long lines here.

I tried getting another, local job, and qualified for it, then they found out I had the hernia and X’d me.

Google reports the astonishing fact that there are poor people in America.  Man, IMAGINE that.  It was shocking news to me.  Eh- NOT.

I wrote a couple posts ago about the “mendicants’.. now I’m the “mendicant”.  It’s a desperate struggle for many people. I have witness much misfortne.   It is awful what they go through.  Now I am getting a taste of it.

My stomach growls a lot.. I have a “bowel containing ventral hernia”..and my stomach hurts.  Oh GOD how I am praying.


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