Linux SystemRescue Live CD

I got a BFG GeForce 7300 from TigerDirect. I was thinking I was gonna hop up this old AGP computer, boy that was a disaster.  A six hour wrassling match, where I rebooted both LinuxMint and Windows XP over, and over, and over again, switching from the AGP card to the Onboard video because the machine kept locking up on me.

To make a long story short, I knackered the Linux filesystem, finally.  Man.. NOW what?  I only had the cryptic Linux Command line..and on each reboot, it would force me to wait through a tedious filesystem check.  I was going to just wipe out the Linux Partition, and all of my data but I felt there was NO CHOICE.

I loaded up Puppy Linux Live Distro,  Linux Mint Live CD, and Muppy Linux Live CD’s but still could not get to all the files I had saved in the DOCUMENTS and MUSIC and PICTURES section of my operating system.  I was poking around with Hiren’s Boot CD and the Ultimate Boot CD to no avail.

I have my $30 backup computer on a router next to this one, so I downloaded SystemRescueCD.  Looking at the programs and the instructions on it, I typed “Wizard” at the SystemRescueCD prompt.  I fired up GParted, and that thing fixed my Linux filesystem for me.. man.. I thought I was a GONER.  This is a Free LiveCD by the way. one appreciates the dedicated Nerds and Geeks in this world.  I only had to use the one program, Gparted.  This is actually a partition manager, but it has a “check and fix” option, and it worked.  It found the mulitple entries in there..and fixed ’em.

My thanks to these people for making this wonderful CD.  It seems better than the other ones on there.. you can note the 5 star rating that people are giving it.

Five star rating..boy it worked good.  It’s just for Linux.


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