EasyCap for Cheap Security Cams

I saw a “Easy Cap” USB video dongle, that comes with software on ebay for $8. I decided what the heck, I certainly need one around here!  I also got a Video Cam for about $25.  This was a all weather cam, with LED’s around it for night vision.

I hooked it up to a old Athlon Socket A machine I bought for $30.  Lo and behold.. that sucker works pretty GOOD!  It has a decent picture, and the IR will see in total darkness.  It’s like a black and white picture at night.

The software that comes with the Easy Cap is surprisingly GOOD!  It has motion detection, and that works good.  It has 4 channels plus one audio channel.  It uses USB 2.0, so you could not practically hook 4 cams to it.. BUT. .you can use the sequential mode, where it switches CAMERA every few seconds, and that indeed works good.  There’s no lag or stutter in the picture.  With ONE cam it will work.

The motion detection works GOOD.  It takes a series of 22kb JPEG’s when the motion alarm goes off.  You can adjust the sensitivity.  For $8 that sucker works GOOD.

People curse these things on Amazon, but I got mine to work easily with Windows XP.  The device just sticks out from the front of the computer on the bottom USB port.  The thing has taken a beating actually, I’ve stomped on it and banged up against it again and again.. it’s still working, even thought it’s all bent up and the casing is cracked. The USB connector is bent and twisted but it keeps on working.. and far better than I expected!  Amazing.

Now.. a big thunderstorm came through town one night.. and the Video CAM stopped working.. the IR LED’s were lighting up, but no picture.  I thought it was a goner, and was about to get another cam, when lo and behold.. it started working again!  Must have got some water in it or something.  But it’s working now.. and I can get warning of the mendicants that are outside trying to get in.

You can go to YouTube and type in EasyCap (of course).  College students are modding the heck out of this cheap device.  There are many tweaks on YouTube for EasyCap.  I’ve just now started investigating. There is a lot of software it will run besides the Ulead Studio that is included.  I get the “security” version, this is what I use it for, to keep an eye on that front door.

Softwares that will work with EasyCap:

  • AMCAP Said to very lightweight and works well.
  • Free Country A site with LOTS of free video capture softwares. Many of these will work with EasyCAP.
  • Debut A capture utility like Ulead Studio.. supposed to be good. Lots of features.
  • Virtual Dub Another freeware capture utility..supposed to be very good.
  • EasyCap DC 60 A new, improved EasyCap for $18.

Anyways, you can get the Original EasyCap for $8.99 which I will do tonight.  Eight bucks, not bad at all.  Gonna buy off this guy, MarketPlace360 .  He’s a USA seller, so it will get here faster.  The original I bought off direct from HongKong.

Update:  Well blow me down.  I just stomped on my EZ Cap USB device one too many times. 😦   Well I will just order another one for $13 (shipped).   You need one around here.  That last stabbing freaked me out, and I wanna know who is coming around here.


One thought on “EasyCap for Cheap Security Cams

  1. Decent article. I would have liked to have seen more wireless surveillance cams though. I’ve seen a few on amazon that are decently priced and offer the ability to control the camera’s aim through some servos.


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