Keep Cool the Poor Man’s Way

I learned this from someone else, just like we all do pretty much. I was outside all of the time, trucking, and it was very, very hot.  I was very, very sweaty.  I was changing my tire with old Fred today, and we both soaked in sweat.  This technique will work, and works good even when you are really hot.

Go to the store and get some stuff called “Icy Hot”.  It’s also called “Mineral Ice” and a bunch of different names.  Rub it on yourself, except on your very private parts (might be irritating).  The armpits, the chest, the neck are all good spots.  You will get this rush of icy relief, indeed, it is much like putting a ice pack to yourself.  It’s cheap too, about $3 at Wal Mart, but $6.99 at CVS.

I never did use an entire jar the whole summer.  It really, really helped out.  I smelled good too.  Dogs followed me everywhere I went.  Other good spots are behind the knee, and other joints of your body.  You will get a little menthol smell, but so what?  Smells better than B.O.

Another method, I just discovered, is taking a bath in Peppermint Essential oil.  It has to be the Essential oil.  The cheap Wal Mart kind I found don’t work.  You just sprinkle some in the bath, don’t have to be much, just drops..and you will get a very pleasant and cool sensation that lasts a long time.  You can even rub it into your skin.  I recommend you dilute it first. By diluting it I mean a few drops in a cup of water.

The smell is also quite pleasant, and actually, Icy Hot is not bad either.  Smells  You will get a lasting, cooling sensation.  It lasts longer than those frozen kerchiefs you put around your neck, and you don’t have to worry about refrigerating them all the time.

Update: I just bathed with Peppermint, and Clary Sage oil added to the bath in drops.. boy it feels GOOD.. you smell like peppermint, and your body feels cooolll… all over.  It’s refreshing stuff.

Update: I just went to CVS and got a jar of the CVS brand “Mineral Ice”.  Indeed, it works like it did before, and it is extremely hot out in Kansas City.   It’s like you have a cube of ice in your armpit.  I also put it down around my groin ,my neck, joints of my arm and face.  It does work, and really well.

The stuff lingers, and lasts quite a while. takes a few minutes to really, really start working.  The effect is as if you had a piece of ice on your skin.  You can also get this cheaper at the $1 section of say, Apple Market.  Yup.  An equivalent t analgesic is $1 there.


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