The Quest o’ the Poor

The many hoops that the homeless have to jump through. To survive in America, you must have that fire triangle I call it. That is:

  • A place to stay
  • A car
  • A phone

The bus system won’t cut it, at least not in many cities.  It takes you too long to get where you are going.  The bus is too slow to be a viable commuter option.  In New York or Boston people take Taxis, but they are too expensive here. In Kansas City, a damn bus pass is $70.  Now who can afford that?   Especially hard is people who other issues, such as drugs or alcohol problems.  As I stated many times in this blog.. the poor cannot afford to be drunks or drug addicts.

They live frantic lives, dependent upon the good will of others. Many people are nice, despite the gloom of much of this blog. They are nice, but a couple of bucks always helps out too.  If you show mercy to others, they will often show mercy to you.  Despite the problems, many people have been merciful to me, and I often forget that.

The government helps poor people, but they make people jump through 800,000 fences.  Nope we ain’t a welfare state.  I wonder how many fences Emron had to jump through?  The Rockefellers or George W. Bush?  If the government had examined Emron half as closely as a food stamp applicant, well we might be quite better off today.

I have wasted my time in life and many ways, but the biggest waste was doing the military thing.  Eh it could be o.k. if you stayed on as a Lifer.  It is the big thing these days.  I remember back in the 70’s when people actually started to wake up.  I guess not.  I guess they are never gonna wake up.


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