Mixed Vegetables from the Church Recipes

At the church, when you get a food box, you get a bunch of canned goods. There is some “good” stuff, but many of the donated items are- things that don’t sell, or things that few people want.  Such as mixed vegetables, apricots, plums, cranberries.  Stuff that no one likes too much, or is not as popular. Not that it’s all bad.  It’s macaroni, lots of Knorr noodles and rice, spaghetti sauce, lots of bread rolls.  You get a lot off off brand soups, such as Chicken Sausage soup.  What to do with it though? I don’t know what to do with apricots or cranberries.

Well.. you can go to Allrecipes.com and get all sort of rated recipes.  Go to the “ingredients” search box, and lots of recipes come up.   Mixed vegetables, for example.. turned up a TON o’ recipes.  The most popular were variations on chicken pot pie.  Homemade pot pie can be easily made with pie crust dough (pillsbury is the best),  bisquick, biscuit dough,  and puff pastry dough (I assume this means turnover dough).  There are a LOT of recipes on there.  There are a lot of ‘Hobo Stew’ and Shepherd’s pie recipes.  There are recipes that use the apricots to spice up chickens.  Canned apricots are frequently given out at the church.

Many of these recipes are rated 4 and 5 stars, that is, YUMMY, by the reviewers.  You can get whole fryers that are always on sale at Aldi’s and cut ’em up.  I made bbq chicken, baked chicken, and Thai Curry chicken in my crock pot.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Sure beats a cheap sandwich at McDonald’s or other fast food.

KC cooked up some of the canned, sliced potatoes.  Those pups were pretty good!  A lot better than the home fries that I try to make with just potatoes.. man I always burn them or they are too raw.


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