Setting up Local Server in Linux Mint Gloria

You can have your own web host to try out your applications.  This will located on YOUR machine.  It’s called a localhost, and it is better in many respects than getting a free, or cheap web hosting service.  You have complete control over it.  So I was looking around for one, browsing around.   On Windows it is called “Personal Server”.  There are many variants, personal Apache Servers, etc.

I use Linux Mint Gloria.  I was typing all around..looking at Xampp and Lampp.. well.. the local server is already there! So what you do is just download pHpMyADMIN..with MintInstaller..and voila!  It’s there!  Remember your password!  You’ll log on as “root”..then your password.  Sets up mySQL for ya and everything. Blimey.

I got a Netbeans IDE developer too from LinuxMint..and man that thing’s all you can handle it’s so configurable.  Not that I will be making any heavy duty applications.  I just want something to hack PrestaShop and CubeCart scripts.  I’ve written SOME PHP scripts, but very rudimentary ones.. very simple ones.

To see if your linux has it’s localhost installed, just type http://localhost” into your browser.  You will get “It Works!” message (and that’s it).  To use it, simply download phpMyAdmin and you’re in business.  You can install your scripts and go ahead experimenting, without getting a webhose.

The Free Web Hosts ..and there are many.. mostly SUCK.  I use a paid a good deal on it, so that is what I use for my Web sites.

Hmm.. as a matter of fact.. just CLICK HERE, and see if Localhost is installed on your computer.  Easy enough for ya?


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