Manny Pacquiao

Boy he’s one of the most inspiring humans to come around in a LONG time. He came from extreme poverty, but many people do not know what the “extreme” poverty is like in the Philippines.  I went to Olongapo City many times when I was in the U.S. Navy.  The poverty there was extreme.  People lived in old washer and dryer boxes, for instance.  Beggars everywhere, and many with severe disabilities such as amputated limbs.  It was frightening, really.

Few people in the USA can appreciate what Paquiao overcame, and the way the man IS.  First of all his faith and dedication are phenomenal.  His intelligence as to the way he manages his body.  Where he got the belief that HE could “be somebody” I will never know, because that place he came from is filled with despair, and a gloomy acceptance of unchanging, horrible conditions.

He has overcome many great boxers to get where he is, and he is so motivated that he does it again and again.  There are many greats I admire, such as Kevin Costner, and Bill Gates.  These men do not compare to Mr. Pacquiao in terms of the world he overcame, the mindset he overcame.

He overcame that emotional angst.. over came the situation, and really stepped up to the plate.  He’s great.  He seems to personify greatness more than any other person currently in the world’s spotlight.  He responded to the realities in his life with such grace and deterimination.. I think him one of the most unusual people on this earth.. REALLY unusual..not *fake* unusual.

After witnessing the poverty in the Philippines, it is hard to imagine anyone even surviving it, much less become what Mr. Pacquiao did.  I hope he never loses his humility and respectfulness.  He’s great.  It just tickles me to death to see the man’s success.  I watched his fights, and the guys he beat, those mexican lightweights are no slouches, but tough, determined fighters in their own right.  I got such a kick that I wanna make T shirts of them.

Pacquiao beat Eric Morales, Barrera, and Marquez.  All of these fighters are legends in their own right.  Any ONE of them might beat Pacquiao, and probably will one day.  But the man richly deserves his success, especially from that background, one of the toughest places on earth.  Almost NONE of the fighters he fought are pushovers.  He is nothing short of inspiring.

The quality of the boxers he had to overcome to get where he is today is remarkable.  Morales especially, these fights are really close.  Most of his fights are great.  I do not think Pacquiao is a “shoo in”, and I hope he never gets that idea into his head!


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