Aldi Favorites

I go to Aldi’s for certain things.  They have a competitor, Sav A Lot, that is just about the same as Aldi. I like to go here to get certain things.

  • Cole Slaw $1.39  is very good.  Creamy, and not chopped up as fine as say, KFC.  Creamy.  I like it.
  • Ghirardelli Brownie mix.  Rated by some the best brownie mix on the market.  Rave reviews are all over the net.
  • Dairy Creamer.  cheap priced I love it.
  • Bremer’s India Frozen dinners.  They have Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, and others.
  • Milk is always cheaper at Aldi.
  • Whole Frozen fryers..always good, and always about 79 cents a pound.
  • Ice cream sandwiches for $1.99
  • Casa Mamit Bean & Cheese, Beef & Bean Burritos 35 cents

Some Aldi stuff sucks.  Their canned Beef Stew is ukky, not as good as the name brands.  Aldi does NOT carry name brand soda pop like Coke or Sprite.  I do not like their bread, it goes stale quickly.  Their soups seem not up to par, not as good as Campbell’s soup.

Aldi carries A LOT of foreign foods.  Particularly from Europe.  German chocolate bars.. lots of varieties of them.  Italian ices and other frozen foods.  Sav A Lot does not compete in this area.

The Casa Mamita burritos are not bad, especially if you prepare them right.  About 2 minutes on my cheap microwave, and I run just a tiny bit of cold water over them, so the tortilla will be soft.  They aren’t bad at all.

They have these Salt N Almond Granola bars for $1.89.  Some of the best granola bars I ever came across..they are really good.


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