The Church Food Pantry

Kissy Chris comes over.  I ask her to help, ‘cos I have never been..this broke..had this happen. She takes me up to the Food Pantry at Grace Church.  They will ask for I.D. and SSN verification, which is reasonable.  You can get free bread there at anytime without I.D.  There are big shopping carts full of bread and other baked goods. Chrissy gets her bag, and I get mine and man I am nearly in tears I feel so badly. was really a good deal.  Even doughnuts, and some really good brand vegetables.  A tub of margerine..lots of those “mixed” vegetables that no one wants…sacks of these really good sausage patties.  Packets of rice and noodle dishes.  This is one of the few places people can go, even if they had drug charges.

Apple juice.. these really nice buns.. bagels is all right.  Oh god that apple juice is good.  Cans of applesauce..I prepare for the onslaught.  My diet now is better than when I was out on the road eating at the truck stop buffet.  Apple juice, plain rice, apple sauce, chicken.  No more steaks, truck stop buffets, etc.  So that worked out pretty good.  Now to get over this stuff so I can get a decent job.

I listen to lots of spiritualist audio books.  Marianne Williamson,  Rhonda Byrne, and others.  Some spiritualists are always putting down the church.  But hey.  I needed some food.  They are there.  I need help- they are there.  I think the churches do fine work in the community, I really do.  People drop through the cracks all the time.  They cannot qualify for this, they cannot qualify for that. The poor people get busted for soliciting, standing around.. even if they are just panhandling.  It is appalling, really.  There is no “Deepak Chopra” church.  Old Deepak just wants you to send him money.  Same with Wayne Dyer, which for some reason, I can’t stand.  They are all pretty much saying the same thing.  They are all selling the same thing.  Their version of Wallace Wattles’ book, which was in turn copied from the Vedanta.  You can get Wattles’ version free.

We sit behind our computers  and TVees.  Meanwhile, life happens, and much of it is not good.  Local sadists love to spit on the homeless, less fortunate, and the losers.

At the 7-11’s the hard core homeless are out there.  It’s 94F outside.  One guy in a wheelchair,  is rolling himself around by the gas pumps.  I get some coleslaw at the Aldi’s and some hamburger for spaghetti.  I am gonna have plain old spaghetti and hamburger tonight.  My brother makes this good.  Dunno why his is always so good.    My stomach better’s a little better..but man it’s been a long time, over a WEEK.   I study Joomla on the net, and file for some benefits.  Many of the benefits and donations are running out.  It’s a myth that a person can live for a long time on handouts in the USA.  You can live for a while, but not very comfortably.  Sleeping down in the abandoned trucks at the junk yard, or in culverts, or up in the woods, or in abandoned houses.  It is hard telling what sort of people you will run into there, however.

The relief agencies are chock FULL of “catch-22’s”.  Such as.. you have to have a job to get help on your rent or utilities.  If a person had a job, why the fuck would they be in there in the first place?


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